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The International Thiess River

The International Thiess Riverprize prize is based in Brisbane, Australia, and recognizes  excellence in river management and protection is awarded each year to a project that best provides an example for furthering the worldwide effort of restoring the health of rivers. It is open to an organization, agency or group of organizations that can demonstrate outstanding achievement in their river management.

Nominations are sought from organizations and community groups engaged in best practice river and catchments management and environmental repair from around the world to enter the International Thiess Riverprize competition. The prize money for the International Thiess Riverprize is raised by the International Riverfoundation (IRF), established to advocate for protecting and restorating the world's rivers and waterways for future generations. The administration of the prize is managed by the IRF.

In 2004, the Siuslaw Basin Partnership won the Thiess International Riverprize and was encouraged by the International Riverfoundation to "twin" with river(s)in another country and share our expertise in restoring waterways. The Siuslaw Basin Partnership chose to work with some of Russia’s Sakhalin Island communities because of the similarities in landscape and common salmon issues. The Wild Salmon Center based in Portland, Oregon engaged the Partnership in their efforts because they had already been working toward an objective of restoring salmon habitat in Russia and had established long-standing connections in that country. There are now eight Public Salmon Councils up and running on Sakhalin Island, the mainland coast and Kamchatka Peninsula.

The Institute also contributed the Introduction and Siuslaw segment to the IRF's 10th Anniversary celebration book, River Journeys