The Siuslaw Institute, Inc.

Watershed Arts, Science and Health

Major Activities

  • Natural Resource Education (in the schools and with the public).

  • Habitat Improvement Projects (development and management).

  • Production of dramatic plays and events.

  • Publication of articles, booklets and studies on natural resource issues.

  • Monitoring and Facilitation services.

  • Thiess International Riverprize winning partnership.

  • “Twinning” project: (2006 - 2015) Salmon Council support throughout Sakhalin Island and the Russian Far East (Pacific area); includes organization, education and restoration.

  • Ongoing participation in numerous formums, coalitions and committees for the development of natural resources policy, legislation and implementation at national, state, and local levels.
  • Management, Contracting, and Fiscal Administrarion of Fivemile-Bell project (2012 - 2021).