? About the Siuslaw Insitute

The Siuslaw Institute, Inc.

Watershed Arts, Science and Health

Johnny Sundstrom, President
Johnny Sundstrom


The Siuslaw Institute is incorporated under the laws of the State of Oregon as a nonprofit corporation with reporting responsibilities to the Charitable Activities Section of the State’s Department of Justice.

The Institute hs been well-served by its Board of Directors, all of whom have participated since the formation of the organization. They are;

Don Beck, Mapleton
Robert Jacobs, Eugene/Deadwood

Callie McConnell, Eugene
Kathy West, Mapleton
Don Carlton, Deadwood (Deceased)

Johnny Sundstrom, Deadwood, is the Founder and Director of the Institute and serves as President of the Board.

The Institute also employs additional contractors who are hired for specific projects and activities. These include:

Program Director and Primary Researcher:
Shiloh Sundstrom,Deadwood (Deceased)

Education and Media Specialist:
Kate Harnady, Deadwood

Jon Penhallurick, Swisshome